SEO For Beginners – What is SEO


We cannot deny how much technology has changed our lives. It has invaded us, changed how we do things, and just modified our daily grind. Things are simply not how they used to be, and we have to cope with these changes.

Like in business, it is now possible to operate a business just by the power of the web. A few clicks here and there and you can do an e-commerce transaction, all right in your fingertips. It sounds so easy, right? But like all other things, that is just easier said than done.

Because digital marketing has taken the entire business world by storm, people have started developing different platforms that can be used to ace the tight competition. Online marketing is not a piece of cake. It requires careful review and study to be able to master it. Thankfully, tutorials and research pieces are readily available online for self-help.

In marketing your website, one of the most effective way to do is to invest in search engine optimization (SEO).

What is SEOWhat is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website to rank better in search engine pages, by gaining organic results from search engines. In digital marketing, organic results means non-paid results driven by user behavior.

That definition might be too much for a beginner. So let us try to make it a bit simpler. SEO is a discipline of making your website understandable by search engines. We optimize our websites with the simple objective of being visible on the first pages of search engine results.

Achieving a great SEO campaign cannot be done overnight. It takes effort, and by that we mean consistent effort. It will not work if you only focus on it at the beginning and stop working hard when you reach your peak. The tight competition happening in the digital world must be motivation enough for you to work hard to keep the momentum going.

Why must a business invest in SEO?

Let us face it. Most businesses nowadays, if not all, have taken to the internet to maximize their brand awareness campaigns. Even conventional or traditional businesses operating offline now has Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts, etc. where they promote their services and products. It is a phenomena that cannot be denied. We are left with no other choice but to fully embrace it.

When you fully operate online, the requirement to thrive is to keep your online presence at its best. Make sure your website is updated regularly, keep on posting on your social media accounts if any, and work hard for your search engine ranking.

SEO is a must-have when you have a website. It is highly unlikely for someone to start a website without an aim of being well-known to the web. There is a common objective for every website, to appear at the first pages of search engine results.

The web traffic you want for your website is largely controlled and determined by search engines. When you are at the first few pages of the results, people see your website as credible and relevant. There is a higher chance of more customers when your ranking is good, and when that happens, you will know it is well worth it.

Wesbite-Design-SEOCan a website survive without SEO?

While we know that most technology driven things are smart, what with the emergence of smart watches, smart phones, and even smart cars, they still need human help.

In SEO, while search engines can be considered smart by nature, they still need a little push from experts so they can see that a certain website should be on the top rank. It is important to know what makes a great, workable, effective SEO campaign. It is not a requirement, but it is absolutely a need for your website to swim in the competition and finish with flying colors.

For starters who want to skimp on SEO, remember how tight the industry is. There are a LOT of websites around, selling the same products, offering the same services, providing the same solutions like your business does. It is almost a jungle of online businesses, which is why we need all the boost we can possibly get to have as much exposure as can, the earlier the better.

What makes an effective SEO strategy?

Much like a huge jigsaw puzzle, SEO has its own bits and pieces one should learn before he can truly say he has mastered it. To make an SEO campaign work its best potential, focus should be set on links, keywords, and tags.

The key in SEO is intensive research.You cannot just decide which keywords, links, and tags you will use. It takes research about your target market, your location, and your business’ winning edge against its rivals to know which ones are indeed helpful for SEO. Keywords have to be both fresh and relevant, both to your market and your location.

Common Guidelines in SEO

seo guideline

  • When your keywords are fresh and specific, it paves way for more traffic and a higher ranking.
  • When you publish great content, people will see your website as an informative tool and will most likely use it, making your site gain backlinks. The more links you have from great websites, the better ranking you will eventually achieve.
  • The tags, on the other hand, are usually written to be read by search engines’ spiders, crawlers, and bots. These tags will also help your website gain a better click through rate, which is also quite an essential factor in SEO ranking.

There are far more strategies and know-hows one must master before he can claim to have mastered the fundamentals of SEO. It is not at all prohibited to do it yourself if you really believe you can, but the comfort and the security of knowing that an expert will be handling your business’ campaigns is just priceless. Even so, there is still a pressing need for any online business owner to also be informed about the basics so they have a concrete idea of what’s in and what’s out. For professional SEO Services visit

While SEO is a magic potion that can improve your business’ and website’s well-being, it still has to be noted that the other aspects of your business should still have its place and be cultivated as much.

Source: PagePowerSeo