How To Write Meta Title Tags For SEO

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If you are a website owner running an e-commerce enterprise, you must have known how vital it is to invest in effective and professional search engine optimization (SEO) marketing.

Since the birth and popularity of digital marketing, e-commerce has immediately widened its scope, bringing search engines at the very spotlight.

While it is definitely not an easy task to optimize your websites and make it rank well in major search engines, it is absolutely doable—what with all the available tools and guides readily available online. You can also hire professionals to do the job, at the cost that could benefit your business as well.

In SEO, we have known that among the most vital component are back links, keywords, and content.

Content is so broad it has components of its own that needs proper attention and focus, one of which is Meta title tags.

Now, there are a number of meta tag classifications. Meta title tag is just one of them. However, it has to be noted that it is the most important of all when it comes to SEO.

  • What are meta title tags?

meta title tag

Meta tags are snippets of text describing the content of a page. These title tags must have keywords that are of course relevant to what the page is saying. Meta title tags are the only meta tags that appear in the page itself. The rest of them only appear in the code and are meant to be seen by search engines. Literally speaking, meta tags are tags that tell about the “data of the data in your page”.

Specifically, meta title tags are seen by search engines as your page title. More importantly, we know many people perceive titles as the gist of any body content. This why it is important to make sure our meta title tags are done well. SEO ranking

  • How do meta title tags affect SEO ranking?

One research said that the meta title tag alone can already determine your SEO ranking.

The more specific your meta title tags are, the better. It is important that the search engines can determine what your page’s content is. It will help search engines know how relevant your content is to a specific topic that might be searched on the web. In a way, meta title tags must be used the same manner we use keywords—specific and unique.

  • How important are meta title tags?

Very important, if not the most important. For a long time, many SEO experts have believed, and continue to believe, that meta title tags can make or break your search engine ranking. After all, they are the most obvious component of your page, and reaches both the search engine and humans.

How are we really supposed to write meta title tags?

  • In WordPress, where they allow you to customize your page’s meta title tags, you can be as concise and specific as you have to be. Always remember that your meta tag will be your potential market’s guide of knowing that it is indeed your website they are looking for. Make it a point to be as direct as you can, and to always include fresh keywords for maximum SEO effect.
  • There are websites that do not allow the user to be the one writing his own meta title tags. With this one, the meta title tag is automatically formed using the headline. This is where the user should be mindful in writing the headline. Make it concise, and also take into consideration how you will actually write the meta tag if you are allowed to. That way, you can be sure you get the same result you are rooting for.
  • You can also make use of plugins like Yoast, so you are able to write your own meta tags. Yoast makes it easier to customize meta title tags and make it effective for SEO.

What makes a great title tag?

  • Write title tags for humans.As we have mentioned above, title tags reach both algorithms and humans. The more specific they are for search engine ranking formula, the better. The more legible and understandable they are for humans, the better.
  • Use this as your guide.

Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand name

  • Length should be only 50-60 characters only, and that includes spaces. There is no need for your title tag to be long, it only needs to be specific. Details should be left at the body.
  • Use keywords, and carefully place them according to importance. As a general rule, your most important keywords should be placed first in the title tag. These are the keywords you believe will help you in your SEO ranking. Meanwhile, the least important keywords must be placed last.
  • Do not fluff your title tags.Your title tags are not supposed to be long. In fact, they are better shorter and more direct. There is no need to fluff them. Do not include words that are not needed only to make it longer.
  • Use unique tags. Now this is one common mistake online. We usually repeat tags in our posts, which should never be the case. Repetition of tags in different posts found in your website will only hamper your SEO ranking. It does not help in making your content appear rich, and will also tell search engines that you publish duplicate content.
  • Your headline should be different from your title tag. However, they should be relevant to each other. You just have to make sure that the keywords you have used in your headline vary from the one you have on the title tag. This is to maintain the uniqueness of every content found on your website.

Some examples

Pancakes in New York

Pancakes in New York 1

They used the format Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name. This one ranked on the top page of Google.

Pancakes in New York 2

This one has too much on the title tag. Can you see how much fluff was used? Even after following the format, it was still not a hit with the SEO ranking, where they placed quite far from the top.

SEO is such a broad world in itself that it sure takes time to master it wholly. It requires research and planning, as well as a lot of focus and monitoring.

Meta title tags, along with headlines and meta descriptions still fall under content and keywords. But the impact they have on your ranking is so huge you just cannot overlook its importance.

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